All car aficionados who have been eagerly waiting for updates about the BMW’s next gen 6 Series can rejoice as the spy photographers have captured images of the prototypes of the new car being tested near BMW’s headquarters in Munich or around the Nurburgring circuit.

It is expected that the updated edition will arrive only late 2010 as the current edition was only given a mid cycle facelift a little over a year ago. The current 6 series edition was a big success for BMW and news confirms that they have sold around 20,000 units per year.

The spy shots reveal that the next gen edition will be designed with a sleeker look and a wider and more purposeful posture. They have crafted the body with a slightly longer wheelbase in comparison to the current edition.

The images depicts a canvas roof which was used to hide the new folding hard top underneath but onlookers who managed to get a closer look at the prototypes have revealed that  the roof is in fact a traditional soft top. This indicates that BMW plans to launch both coupe and convertible versions.

There are rumors in the automobile market that the new 2011 BMW 6 series will be available in two different versions a more luxurious GT and a striking sports model.

If news are to be believed than it is known that the 2011 BMW 6 series will feature the current engine line up. However, the range topping M6 will sport a new turbo charged V8 engine with dual clutch transmission. The new 6 series will be teamed with eight speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters while the inside cabin will be dressed in plenty of luxury appointments to keep up with the brand image.

Keep tuned to get more updates about this new edition. … and we will be back with some scintillating news at the earliest.