Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars: 450 & 380

Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars 450

Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars were built and designed to meet modern day needs, while keeping original Mercedes Benz elegance and style. The company changed the transport world by manufacturing and introducing patented petrol vehicles. After this enormous achievement, most of the manufacturers started producing petrol-powered vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Company has been in the automobile industry for several years and has remained at forefront of technology and launched lots of models over the years. There are lots of models of their continuing integrity. In the year 1886, Daimler, Benz and Maybach developed the first internal combustion engine, while in 1924; Mercedes Benz designed the first vehicle with brakes on all the four wheels. The first automobile with safety airbags was launched in 1980s to European market, while 1986 saw the introduction of vehicles with Traction Control System.

Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars are still loved by many car enthusiasts and there are lots of people who search for these beautiful vehicles. Among all Mercedes Benz vehicles sold in Canada, one of the most road-friendly and convenient models is C Class Series which were powered by seven-speed high-tech automatic transmission and V6 engine technology. The SLK models were designed and built to be famous and rich.

Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars 380
Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars 380

The new generation SLK model was developed high-tech and scratch-resistant vinyl to provide more glamorous look. Overall the SLK was a smooth sleek sportscar with hardtop, soundproof super-smooth massive engine and original road-cruiser design. Most of the Mercedes Benz Vintage cars were designed and equipped with features like engine displacement, luxury accessories, custom coachwork, power brakes, automatic lubrication systems and power clutch.

Overall the reputation for reliability, safety and quality has made Mercedes Benz one of the best vehicle manufacturers in automobile industry.

Mercedes Benz Antique Vintage Cars like Mercedes Benz 450 & Mercedes Benz 380 offer smooth and comfortable ride quality with their elegant interior and dynamic powertrains.

Mercedes Benz 450 is a high-performance luxury S-Class saloon which was on assembly line by Daimler-Benz in Stuttgart in Germany. The 450 was initially shown to motoring press in the year 1974 at Geneva Auto Show and was later produced and launched in 1975. The 450 was a flagship vehicle of Mercedes Benz Company, while the successor to company’s high-performance sedan was 300SEL 6.3.

It was the first vehicle launched by company with electronically controlled antilock brakes and self-leveling remarkably hydropneumatic suspension system. It was powered by Bosch fuel injection, five main bearings, electronic ignition, two single overhead camshafts, V-8 engine with Three-speed automatic with torque converter transmission which was good for producing 504 pound feet of torque at 3000 rpm and 281 horsepower at 4250 rpm.

The Mercedes Benz 450 is equipped with standard features which include  self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension system, orthopedically-designed front seats, conventional springs and shock absorbers, unique heated seats and power rear seat, conventional power steering pump, power-adjustable front seat or outside mirrors, push-pull dash-mounted knob, wood trim equipped with burled walnut veneer on console and dash, tank-mounted control valve, height adjustment indicator lights, unique three-speed automatic transmission, low suspension pressure warning system and K-Jetronic Bosch electromechanical fuel injection system.

Mercedes Benz 380 was powered by 3818cc overhead camshaft V8 powered engine that generated 224 pound feet of torque and 218 horsepower.

The engine was paired with four-speed automatic transmission and was equipped with standard features like Front mounted, longitudinal, inline cylinder engine, diagonal-pivot swing axle, Independent front and rear and double wishbones. Overall it was quite fast and went from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in the time range of 9 seconds.