The majority of the automobile market is looking at a makeover. Renowned companies like BMW have also started working on their existing models. Following the footsteps of the sedan version BMW has given a thought for a makeover for a 3 Series Coupe and convertible.  We have seen prototypes of this model moving across the streets of the Munich under going a test drive before they are unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show.

It is believed the coupe and the Convertible would undergo some serious changes in the body styling like the face lifted sedan which was launched last year. The exterior styling would possibly incorporate a wider track, and revamped headlight and taillights.

The interiors would get a new makeover and would add features such as a new armrest and a second generation iDrive Sytem with four selector buttons. The iDrive Sytem would sport a navigation system, a new 8.8 inch LCD Display and an optional 80 GB hard drive music.

The new version would additional have some mechanical features such as an auto stop and start function, a brake energy regeneration system, electro mechanical power steering with reduced rolling resistance.